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White: The Execution
0:00 Woref is in Thomas's cell telling him he could save Chelise by convincing her that he doesn't love her
0:32 Thomas is in the library trying to convince her.. being harsh
0:47 She is rebuffing him.. doesn't believe him but looks hurt
1:01 He thinks "what if she really believes I don't love her".. he is in conflict because the one thing he has to do is the last thing he wants to do - he knocks himself out
1:15 He reawakens.. he continues trying to buy time.. being harsh
1:30 She starts crying
1:44 He breaks down and goes to her... telling her it was all lies..
1:59 Woref comes in and gets physical..there is doom in the air.. Thomas knows that Chelise will die without diving deep in the red pool
2:38 Qurong breaks it up..and ask's Chelise if these claims of Woref are true --Thomas hopes she denies their love
2:49 Chelise says yes, she does love him.. Thomas realizes she has doomed herself
2:53 Qurong: "you can't possibly mean this.. you are being forced... Do you know what this means"
3:03 Chelise: "it simply means I love him and would pay any price" -Ciphus "then her fate is sealed my lord"
3:07 Thomas is now standing on the platform awaiting his execution. His mind is spinning wondering about Chelise.. he sees her and she tries to come to him
3:36 Qurong allows them to be together momentarily
3:50 They are separated 3 wide on the platform in preparation for the exectution, meanwhile Mikil and others are trying to get the red pool to leak into the lake
4:19 It's execution time.. uncertaintly of the great beyond
4:33 The soldiers grab their hair and yank their faces skyward
4:48 They are pushed.no screams --
5:04 A little panic righ before Chelise takes in that big breath of water..


from Black Red White - The Circle Trilogy, released June 10, 2013


all rights reserved



Jagged Doctrine Cincinnati, Ohio

Jagged Doctrine's newest offering "Eve of Destruction" releases September 15, 2023 on Roxx Records and features Dale Thompson of the award winning band Bride on lead vocals for all tracks.

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